03 December 2016, Saturday

Emcee: Wong Yi Sheng (DSC/NSC)
0800-0900 Registration
0900-0915 Welcome Address
David Lye (TTSH)
0915-0930 Guest-of-Honour Speech
Amy Khor (MOH)
0930-0945 Award Presentation
AfA Red Ribbon Awards – Outstanding Contributions to HIV Programme in Singapore
0945-1015 Keynote Address
Fast tracking the HIV response: Ending AIDS by 2030
Steve Kraus (UNAIDS)
1015-1045 Morning Tea Break
1045-1300 Session 1
90-90-90 as Framework for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
Location: Auditorium
Rapporteurs: Gabriel Yan (NUH), Louisa Sun (NUH)
1045 The Whole Picture: Estimating the Undiagnosed Positive in Singapore
Speaker: Vernon Lee (NUS)
1055 Getting Them In The Door: Increasing the Uptake of HIV testing and screening
Speaker: Levinia Crooks (ASHM)
1105 Private Affairs: Home Testing and Self Testing
Speaker: Ray Lin (TTSH)
1115 Discussion
Facilitator: David Lye (TTSH)

1135 From Whence They Come: Where are new diagnoses of HIV being made?
Speaker: Benson Yeo (DSC/NSC)
1145 On The Bandwagon: How many of our patients are started on treatment, and stay on treatment?
Speaker: Lee Cheng Chuan (TTSH)
1155 Not Just Longer, But Better: Life after HIV and Life with HIV
Speaker: AJ Jamal (AfA)
1205 Discussion
Facilitator: Lee Cheng Chuan (TTSH)

1225 All Roads: People-centred models of HIV care for the future
Speaker: Wong Chen Seong (TTSH)
1235 Push and Pull: Barriers and Motivators for Retention in HIV Care
Speakers: Ho Lai Peng (TTSH), Chan Yin Ying (TTSH)
1245 Ending the Epidemic: Moving beyond Access to Care
Speaker: Leo Yee Sin (TTSH)
1255 Discussion
Facilitator: Wong Chen Seong (TTSH)
1300-1400 Lunch Break & Networking
1400-1700 Session 2
MSM Session
Location: Auditorium
Facilitators: Christina Wong (FHI 360), Daniel Le (AfA), Tan Wei Sheng (DSC/NSC)
Rapporteurs: Wong Yi-Sheng (DSC/NSC), Franklin Zhong (AfA)
Session 3
General Session
Location: Rms T07-03/04
Facilitators: Junice Ng (NUS), Ellen Chan (DSC/NSC)
Rapporteurs: Chia Po Ying (MOHH), Choy Chiaw Yee (MOHH)
1400 An update on HIV and STI epidemiology
Speaker: Tan Wei Sheng (DSC/NSC)
1405 Report back from the PrEP Community Dialogue Session
Speakers: Daniel Le (AfA), Tan Wei Sheng (DSC/NSC), Oliver Lim (TTSH)
Facilitator: Christina Wong

Panel discussion on PrEP based on recommendations and findings
Panellists: Wong Chen Seong (TTSH), Tan Kok Kuan (Dr Tan & Partners), Clement Lin (Gay Health), Alex Tan (Gay Health)
1500 My PEP Experience
Speaker: Jet Sim (AfA)
Facilitator: Avin Tan (Gay Health)

PEP Uptake in the STD Clinic
Speaker: Benson Yeo (DSC/NSC)
Facilitator: Avin Tan (Gay Health)
1545 Are We Doing Enough For At-risk Youth?
Speakers: Daryl Yang (G-Spot), Bryan Choong (B-Change), Zenson Lim (SG Rainbow)
1615 Drug use in the MSM community: Escapism or Pleasure?
Speakers: Christina Wong & Bryan Choong (SSHSPH, NUH)
1635 Being HIV Positive and Young
Speakers: Brandon Tan (AfA), AJ Jamal (AfA)
1650 Internalized Homophobia and HIV/AIDS Discrimination amongst MSM in the context of Institutionalized Stigma
Speakers: Rayner Tan (SSHSPH, NUH), Dharesheni Nedumaran (Oogachaga)
1400 The Catching Up Game: Evolution of engagement strategies to reach men seeking sex online
Speaker: Wong Mee Lian (SSHSPH, NUH)
1440 What Took You So Long?: Deciphering the behaviour among at-risk groups on early HIV testing
Speakers: Raymond Lim (SSHSPH, NUH), Terry Lim (AfA)
1515 R is for Repeat: Influence of repeated voluntary HIV/STI testing on sexual risk behaviour among at-risk groups
Speakers: Raymond Lim (SSHSPH, NUH), Roslinda Bte Mohamad (DSC/NSC)
Panelists: June Chua (DSC/NSC), Vanessa Ho (Project X)
1550 Turning Challenges into Opportunities: The way forward for workplaces in the management of HIV/AIDS
Speakers: Jerry Seah (SNEF), Joanne Sim (SCBS)
1625 Make A Wish: A volunteer’s perspective in management of HIV/AIDS
Speakers: June Chua (DSC/NSC), Murni Sab Adi (AfA)
Panelist: Justin Louis Scott (AfA)
1715-1745 Rapporteur Session

* Programme schedule subject to changes